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Commercial Credit

SBI Chicago provides a wide range of banking and financial services to facilitate the international operations of large regional corporations in USA. We look upon ourselves as equal partners to the broad ambitions of large and medium regional corporations of the area, helping them to grow organically as well as inorganically.

Fund-based Corporate Loans

  • We provide long, medium and short term finance for Greenfield, Brownfield and Expansion projects.
  • Short term Demand Loans and Revolving Credit facilities to meet working capital requirements and even to tie up temporary cash flow mismatches.
  • Term Loans to meet medium to long term fund requirement for specific projects or capex requirements.


Secured Overdraft

  • We provide overdraft facilities against term deposits placed with SBI Chicago to meet your short-term financing needs. With this, you can continue your term deposits with us until maturity without worrying about liquidity. 


We also cater to the Medium/ Long Term requirements of Industrial Corporates through matching bilateral Term Loans. We arrange these Loans in co-ordination with our International Banking Group at Corporate Centre, Mumbai. Synergy of the SBI Group and its specialized subsidiaries make State Bank of India, Chicago the ideal partner for your India Related business.


These are indicative products/services on offer. Please call us for customizing them to suit your requirements. All our products and service offerings are subject to compliance of regulatory guidelines in force.


For any Commercial credit related questions, contact us at:

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